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Cow Rugs For Villas for Rent

Best Carpet Design for Modern Villas

Choosing the best carpet for your room is quite challenging for most of us. There were a lot of factors to consider. And there are a lot of colours and styles to choose from. One of the most popular is definately the cow rug. Sometimes a room without a carpet seems empty but having a carpet from every corner of your room seems a little bit crowded. You need to take into consideration the dimension of the carpet that you’re going to buy and also the style or design that fits to your home and your personality. In this article we will run down some of the best design for modern villas.

Hopscotch Carpet

This hopscotch carpet is a fun-interior design for children who want to play, even if there’s a bad weather outside. Hopscotch design is not just for children but also a great design for the families. They can bond with each other by playing using this hopscotch carpet. If you’re planning to purchase this carpet, there are limited stores online that sells this awesome carpet with great design.


This lovely carpet is definitely a good fit for a modern living room. The four footprints where the two matching pairs of slippers located is the modern design of Tapistongs. They are used a lot in luxury villa rentals in Malta.

Shoelaces Carpet

Next on our list is this fun and original shoelaces design. This looks like a crazy idea but most modern interior designer loves this design. They all agree that this is one of the best carpet design that you can actually do it yourself. You can just buy a whole bunch of shoelaces and tying them together to create this modern and stylish flooring design item. You can actually create your own style – with the color and what size you want. I personally love the style of just white and black shoelaces. It was stylish and fit to my modern villas. Dogs and cats would certainly love this great design also.

Sightlines Carpet

Do you want yourself to get a reminder for your next eye-check-up? This sightlines carpet design is perfect for you. This carpet is also used to control your sight while you’re having your best time at home. This carpet is also good especially if you’re a minimalist. Most people love a simple design or sometimes no design at all. But there are some minimalist also who just want a simple design on their carpet. With the combination of red and white colors printed on the carpet, this is perfect for a minimalist.

Carpet from Saman Mamexelani on Vimeo.

Landscape Relief Carpet

 If sight lines carpet is good for minimalist, this landscape relief carpet design is the opposite. With the combination of different kinds of colors and shapes, you’ll definitely want to have this landscape relief carpet. This is made of tiny foam-bars and consists of small and big foam-bars that looks like a miniature landscape. This colorful and friendly carpet is best for rooms with children who can play with it while learning new things like naming different colors and shapes.

Choosing the best carpet design for modern villas for rent is quite challenging especially if you have a lot of options to choose to. But once you already have the concept in mind and who are the person who are going to use it. It’s now easy and fun to choose the best carpet for your villas.