How Adding Area Rugs Can Significantly Improve Your Home Decor

Area Rugs Are An Easy Win

Home decor is such an important part of your life. It affects so many things and can be the difference between you loving or hating your home. An easy way for you to improve your home decor is to try adding area rugs. They’re cheap, provide warmth, comfort, and can take your interior design to the next level.

When I think of decor I think of the design of an environment and how that design can impact the minds of the people who occupy that space. For me the decor often impacts my mood, so the decor of the room is an important aspect of my success. When I started my doctoral program, in graduate school, I realized that my home was not creating the proper mindset for graduate level study and commitment.  I was not in the mindset nor did I have space in my home to achieve the decor of academic discipline.  I discovered that to be successful in a doctoral program I would have to spend more time in the library studying because I realized that to stay motivated to read, research and study, I needed the proper decor or setting.

I needed to be in an environment designed to encourage focus, that supports the necessary study habits along with people and things that inspired me to changes my energy and mental focus. This is another reason why décor is important because people are conditioned to respond to a specific environment to be in the right frame of mind. Décor and room design are not accidental but systematic to invoke a feeling or behavior from the occupants. So if you do not determine the décor of your space then it will be undefined or confused, which is how one might feel when they occupy the space. And while in graduate school, I realize like others before me and after me, that is important to my success that I spend my time in rooms and spaces that are designed with academia in mind.  Therefore your success often depends on the items you put in your space because if a room is too cluttered and objects are not placed in an unorganized fashion it will become a distraction and leaving the occupant unable to complete the task of reading, researching or writing.

So, when you enter into different phases in your life you must spend some time revamping your space, spend a lot of time setting the focus of the room by selecting the proper décor to enhance the mood of the room. Now that I am in graduate school and realize the importance of a room décor I understand why an artist needs a space with natural light and a window to look out to discover. The decor is important not just for an artist but for any person wanting to achieve a successfully motivating environment. If you’re looking for a specific rug, Whiskey River Turquoise rug is my current favorite.